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Astrology, the Ultimate Technique of Coaching

Astrology presents the first system of psychology, also the first and ultimate system of coaching.

Despite the similarities, the difference between psychology (Neptune/Pisces) and coaching (Jupiter/Sagittarius) is that psychology is a form of therapy while coaching is not.

Of course, we can create great astrological analyze of one-person’s psychological profile, but what is our purpose for doing this? Can we stay in total respect and without judging or making personal profile without knowing the reality in native’s life? What to do with those analyses and what is the next step or how to use this for the personal growth of the client?

Astro - coaching is the next step. To move on like a planets! To be in action!

It assumes that the people are strong enough and healthy enough to support themselves and they are ready to act (Mars/Aries) for a change (Uranus/Aquarius). With Coaching, astrology is there to encourage, clarify purpose, to provide concentration and focus in objectives, to give the motivation for action, to offer different solutions, and always be in harmony with the free will of the client. There is a solution, always! The client has his own choice, which is the best solution for him.

Astrological predictions and psychological descriptions are welcome but there is a risk to become useless or impractical for the client. Eventually he can feel locked into a form of destiny and determinism where nothing can change. We never know what the client really lives in his Big Life Project. We should be vigilant with our astrological practice and it may look strange that even in Vedic Astrology, which is the most traditional one, there is a sort of coaching and healing (precious and semi-precious stones, prayers, vegetarian foods, special nutrition, rituals, etc.)

There is no fatality, things can be changed if the client really wants it.

With all this astrological knowledge and technique, we should be in service; first by listening, to help with solutions and possibilities; and to a lesser extent in mental expertise and analysis, which serve very often to nourish only Ego (the Self).

The psychological approach, with all its diagnosis and observations, runs the risk to be limiting. The question becomes, “What to do with all this information and how can we help our clients in their personal Cycles and evolution?

Then, the questions come again and again, “How to use all this information and to put in at the service of personal evolution and growth”?; and, “How should we act as astrologers”?

Astro-Coaching presents deep meaning of astrological interpretation. It’s very simple - Astrology coaches us

There is nothing new in the term “Astro-Coaching” because Astrology has always been there to accompany, to guide and to help.

A lot of people think that the word “coaching” comes from English and world of sport which means training, teaching, mentoring, or tutoring but it comes from one French word “cocher” which means the man who drive horses and carriage.

So, we travel with astrology to discover through the time, space and memory the Big Life Project.

Otherwise, in astrological language, coaching is in the symbol of the archetype Jupiter/Sagittarius. And astro-coaching in the combination of the two archetypes: Sagittarius/Aquarius or Jupiter/Uranus.

Generally, the purpose of “astro-coaching,” as in many coaching techniques, is to help achieve personal, relational, and professional goals.

Beyond that, its ultimate goal is to help find the hidden treasures in the depths of one being and encourage one to believe that there is a meaning in the most difficult situations. Fortunately, a person’s free will remains and we need to respect this and have confidence in Life Soul Project!

We also know that there is no “bad” horoscope, “bad” sign, “bad” planet, or planetary configuration, there are just choices in living it. All astrological symbols are positive and useful! This is the major principle of Astro-Coaching interpretation.

We know that astrological advice can be used in a “negative or judgmental” way. With Astro-Coaching, no matter the natal positions, transits, progressions, etc., there are just 3 simple possible choices for all planetary configurations and positions:

*To live in a positive, constructive and conscious way, or

*To live in fears, doubts and an unconscious way, or

*To live in total rejection.

Of course, as astrologers we understand that all these choices are necessary for the native to make, even for the “most troubled ones”.

“The only one responsible is me; it is never someone else’s fault.”

With Astro-Coaching, we are in action!

Astro-Coaching is not a tool for divination or psychological description or therapy. Astro-Coaching is mainly for the people who are willing to change themselves, who are ready to act and to create their own life, and who take their own responsibilities.

The great purpose of Astro-Coaching is MOTIVATION FOR ACTING and CHANGE towards GROWTH.

Astrology is a human science, even with rigid formulations of science that existed from the 17th century, the time of French King Louis XIVth, René Decartes, at the start of the age of enlightenment when France was the center of the World.

With the discoveries in modern science, being in concordance with the great postulates of Hermes Trismegistus, Astrology will smoothly and surely take its right place, without any kind of fight or defense, just with its evidence and truth.

Astrology is the first science and it will be the last one. All of us who love astrology know that it is a just the question of time. Probably not in our time, but eventually.

The best,

Jelena (Yelena) Lemot



“Trouver le bonheur avec l’astrologie de coaching”, Sébastien Michel

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