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Birth of Astro-Coaching 3D®

"Thus, the Idea was born: The Key is To Feel by ourself the astrological archetypes, to give the freedom to this language to be expressed by the native himself, because everyone lives his natal chart in his own personal way"

From my childhood, with the first square of Saturn to his natal position, I made a choice : astrology became very present in my life. It became very clear for me, with its language of supreme intelligence which guides in the labyrinth of the Big Soul Project. Unfortunately, it comes with a very complex and strange system for most of the “ordinary” people and is most of the times mixed up with clairvoyance.

With the first Saturn revolution I started to practice astrology and to have a great inspiration and vision about my contribution in it. I realized that astrology helps to understand very rapidly who we are, where is the sense, why this happened to me, etc.?

I had a great impulse to show this magnificent human science to the world around me…But as we know astrology is not an easy concept to understand for most of the people. So, I started to ask myself how to transmit astrology in a simple way? I never wanted to play the role of someone who has an extra power and who surprises the people with knowing what’s going on in their own lives. I wanted that people just try to have their own experience as I have, with this sacred language and without my interpretations.

As the cycles of planets work for everyone, they worked for me to, it was the time for me: my puzzle was finished!

This came with the help of real silence in one very important period of my life -Big Changing with my new life in France. During the first 2 years I was not able to express myself in French language. I was alone with a lot of people around me. My roots were in Serbia and my new family in France.

This silence and inability to talk, to express myself and communicate pushed me to another world of communication based of feeling instead of mental.

Thus, the Idea was born: The Key is To Feel by ourself the astrological archetypes, to give the freedom to this language to be expressed by the native himself, because everyone lives his natal chart in his own personal way.

That for I created a support system in 3 dimensions, using symbolics objects for representing the planets, signs, houses and aspects. In these workshops, my role consists only in setting the astro-framework and making sure the native and the whole group only express their feelings and not mental believings, which I verify with the astrological chart. If someone steps out from the astro-framework, I kindly drive him back to the framework outlined by the astrological chart with all my respect of astrological archetypes.

This method I called Astro-Coaching 3D® and it was created in October 2015.

Since then I’m practicing this revolutionary concept in France, with my clients and students in small group with quite success. Some of the them dramatically changed their lives after these workshops.

This concept is also an expression of experimental Astrology or Astro-drama, based on groupunconscious. I strongly believe that this way of practicing Astrology can contribute in proving that It works! The testimony the clients personal experience are the best social proofs.

Astrology, the first and the last science

From the other side, Astrology is a human science, even with this rigid formulation of science that exists from the XVII th century and the time of French king Louis XIV th and René Decartes, when started the age of enlightenment and when France was the center of the World. With discovering in modern science and especially with quantum physics and it’s researching, which are in concordance with the great postulates of Hermes Trismegistus, Astrology will smoothly and surely take its right place, without any kind of fight and defense, just with its evidence and truth.

It is the first science and it will be the last one, all of us who love astrology know that it is a just the question of time. Probably not in our time, but who cares, it will be. In the meanwhile, we, astrologers from all over the world, are in our great actions and in coaching with astrology itself, in creation of this highway to Era of Aquarius.


Jelena Lemot

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